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2018 SEH Annual Video

Published on 15 Dec 2018 / In Other

7 Amazing Project Design Solutions

The projects in our 2018 Amazing Projects video represent innovative design solutions that solve some very complex challenges.

Each architectural and engineering project has its own circumstances that help define what the right solution is. Often, the “right solution” depends on the collaboration of your project team. The projects in this video represent the kind of work that happens when client and consultant come together as a team—a team dedicated to building a better world for all of us.

Here’s what you’ll see

0:44 A wastewater plant that gives back. Energy, that is.
1:47 Designing a regional trail through a super-developed first-ring suburb.
2:44 Renovating a transit station where 15,000 travelers pass through every day.
3:43 Hanging utility mains under a 200-ft. tall bridge (one of the highest in the state).
4:54 Stabilizing a riverbank to protect water mains installed in the 1960s.
5:48 Replacing a historic bridge over the most active rail yard in the state.

To learn more about each project, visit our website: (links to project portfolios at bottom of page)

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